About the Authors

Dr. Peter Borten became interested in healing at a young age, writing his first report on acupuncture at age 12 and acting as counselor to his peer group in high school. Growing up in the Boston area, he frequented the witchcraft stores of Salem as a young adult, which kindled his interest in herbal medicine. He received his B.S. in botany from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. He earned his master’s and doctorate in acupuncture and Oriental medicine at Oregon College of Oriental Medicine (OCOM), where he also became a certified Qi Gong instructor under Professor Huixian Chen.

He has been in private practice since 2000, and taught Chinese medicine and Daoist philosophy at Lewis and Clark College, National University of Natural Medicine, and OCOM. He has authored hundreds of articles on all facets of health, and has produced a wide array of educational resources for natural healthcare practitioners.

In his focused sweetness time he builds things out of wood, makes music and art, and studies health, nature, and spirituality with endless fascination. Throughout every day he endeavors to make his wife and daughters laugh.

Briana learned early on that she is capable of creating her own destiny. When she was 18, she broke her neck in a debilitating car accident. It derailed her college career, but she unexpectedly discovered the power of positivity and the profound rehabilitative benefits of massage. She attended massage school and established a busy private practice in Portland. But she yearned to create an environment where clients could have a more comprehensive and transcendent healing experience. This came to fruition when, at age 23, she opened The Dragontree Spa.

She went on to attend California College of Ayurveda, where she earned the degree of Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist. Her healthcare practice and the ongoing expansion of The Dragontree stoked her deepening passion for assisting others to reach their full potential. Redefining her career as a wellness entrepreneur and peace engineer, she has now opened four spas, writes extensively on personal development, developed a wellness product line, and created several magazines, books, and online programs to help people achieve their dreams and live extraordinary, healthy lives.

When she’s fully engaging sweetness Briana loves to swim in natural bodies of water, hike in the mountains, dance,create art and cuddle with her daughters. She loves natural medicine, holidays, salted caramels,innovative design and fresh flowers.

Peter and Briana live in Boulder, Colorado with their two daughters, Sabina and Sailor.

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