Welcome to The Well Life: Foundation

The Well Life: Foundation Course is an eight-part course which teaches the self-care practices that offer the biggest return on your investment of time and energy. We call this “Foundation,” because when you adopt these routines, you will build a strong physical and psychological foundation that will support you to live a healthy and fulfilling life, to take on ambitious goals, to live in alignment with your values and purpose, and to bring your gifts and potential into the world.

Although it’s far more common to succumb to the doubt, disappointment, and drama that surround us, we’re here to remind you that another option is available to you: a life of balance and accomplishment, an experience of trust and ease, a feeling of being aligned with your purpose, and an ongoing awareness of the tremendous gift that is your life.

Participating in this online course is easy. When you enroll, you’ll immediately receive access to all of the course materials and then for the next 3 weeks, we’ll email you several helpful messages to make sure you stay on track, and get the most out of the course. Your enrollment in the course never expires. You can revisit the foundation videos as often as you like, for as long as you like.

Each lesson within the module is full of information but easy to consume. We know your time is valuable so we’ll give you lots of quality content without any fluff. You will spend your time living your life and implementing these principles, not listening to someone ramble.